Senyumlah selapangnya.
Bismillah, Allah mengizinkan nama
menjadi milik diri.
"Perjalananku jua dirimu pasti berakhir menuju Pencipta,
Andai kata syurga itu layak ku jejaki, ingin ku menapak ke sana bersama-sama dirimu saudara islamku semua."

Thursday, 3 April 2014

“Allahumma ya muqallibal qulub, tsabbit qalbi ‘ala deenik.”

Guess what? 


Nothing. But for me it was something :)
Allahurabbi, hold our heart. 
I don't want to let it change as time flies.
I hope. I pray. 

“Allahumma ya muqallibal qulub, tsabbit qalbi ‘ala deenik.”

I was asking myself,
why did people have to leave each other?
You did -_-

Allah do answers me.  

I keep you in my du'a. 

I have to know


I know.

Allah knows best in all matter. 

I was remember, 
that 'two intention'
the second one,
that 'to know answers from Allah'.

Anyway, I dont ever know what the answers that you have waiting for
... I pray it was something about me.  

This song, 
actually from your advise. 
You have told me before.
'No rest for us in this World.'

In shaa Allah. 

Afwan sahabat. 
I do read yours. 


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